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Our Product

Accurate conversion data is critical for you to optimize marketing campaigns. But Ad platform and analytics tools frequently misreport.

Attribuly adopts dozens of technologies to make sure you get the accurate data with proper attribution method. It will help to optimize your Ads, social media, influencer marketing and all the campaigns easier, faster, better ROAS.

Accurate conversion tracking

- 10+ data source integrations

- Attribuly first party Pixel

- Tackle 3rd party cookie demise & IOS 14.5

Cross channel tracking

Traditional tracking is blocked by more browsers, you need a new way to collect user behaviors.

- Server-side tracking but not browsers

- Long tracking window but not 7 days

- Multi-Device tracking & resolution

Turn your data into business growth

Optimize your ads with confidence.

- More attribution medels rather than first/last click

- Budget Match Index

- Conversion value comparison between FB/Google and Attribuly

  • Tracking personal data

    As first-party tracking, securely track personal data with privacy laws.

  • 100% accurate data

    No data sampling, so the attribution report will not lead you to wrong decisions.

  • Data ownership yet GDPR compliant

    Verified Shopify app that compliant with GDPR.