Attribuly conversion feed

Optimize your bidding with Facebook Conversion API

Supercharge your Shopify store's conversion tracking and bidding capabilities with our innovative Attribuly conversion feed. Say goodbye to limitations imposed by privacy policies and ad-blockers, and start maximizing the performance of your Facebook&Google ads.

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The Facebook CAPI

Improved Bidding

Privacy-focused browsers and ad-blockers create a tricky situation for Shopify brands trying to collect customer data, making Facebook Conversion API a must. Share customer web events with Shopify and Facebook to enhance bidding strategies and optimize ad conversion rate by 11%.

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The Facebook CAPI

Enhanced Conversion Tracking

Achieve optimal conversion tracking by combining Facebook Conversion API and Pixel to capture conversions missed by browser pixels and vice versa. Attribuly manages all your browser pixels as well. Attribuly appends FBCLID and other critical fields to help Facebook locate the ads performance. So Facebook can deduplicates data from different data sources.


The Facebook CAPI

Real-Time Conversion Data

Maximize the effectiveness of your ad delivery system with Facebook by sharing conversion events in real-time, best-practice complied. Facebook requests a real-time data sharing. Attribuly's data stream engine process customer behaviors and send back to Facebook as close to real-time as possbible.