Attribuly conversion feed: The server-side tracking hub

Get reliable data postback and maximize bidding optimization

Supercharge your Shopify store's conversion tracking and bidding capabilities with our innovative Attribuly conversion feed. Say goodbye to limitations imposed by privacy policies and ad-blockers, and start maximizing the performance of your Facebook&Google ads.

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Prepare for a cookieless world

Your pixels lose so many signals

  • Third-party cookies are phased out in 2024
  • The cookie expires in 7 days
  • 27% browsers enable ad blockers 

You can't track all the customer events via pixels

  • Checkout events can't be tracked by pixels
  • Refund data can't be tracked

All your channels want a server-side postback

  • Meta is pushing Conversion API
  • Google ads also support server-side tracking 

Attribuly collects your customers' buying journey and posts back to various destinations. 

The result?

1. The most accurate solution to refill the lost signals, so your networks get better data for optimization. A higher conversion rate and lower acquisition cost. =

2. You make an informed decision based on accurate insight. 

3. Your stack is future-proof: the cookieless tracking.


The server-side tracking

The most complete customer conversions

Attribuly collects your customer events from ad clicks to refund, including the checkout events. Including

  • Page view
  • Cart view
  • Product view
  • Checkout start
  • Payment info submission
  • Checkout complete
  • Refund and more
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Cross-device ID mapping

Enhanced Conversion Tracking

Attribuly cross-device mapping capability allows you to send more valuable data to help ad platforms understand the conversions.

Attribuly appends FBCLID and other critical fields such as email, address, to help Facebook locate the ads performance. So Facebook can deduplicate data from different data sources. 


Our expertise

Follow the best practice

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, since your store is unique. 

We adjust the solution according to the data structure of your store, which helps you maintain a high level of data quality.