Live events

The reliable source for customer behaviors, across marketing channels.

Attribuly tracks all your visitors' touchpoints, in-site behaviors; lets you deeply understand how your customers are get converted. The data collection is powered by Shopify Web Pixel.

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Customer behaviors

The behaviors you really care about, the data you can trust.

Attribuly offers 15 types of standard customer events. Including: ad interaction, email interaction, influencer interaction, social media interaction, referral interaction, page view, product view, collection view, search submit, cart viewed, add to cart, checkout start, payment info submit, purchase. Attribuly makes sure you get the best-in-class data quality.


Identity resolution

In real-time, at person level

With Attribuly's cutting-edge data processing infrastructure and powerful cross-channel identity resolution capability, you can gain a deep understanding of your customers' behaviors at lightning speed.


Customer journey

Dive into every conversion journey

Attribuly processes single customer journeys with real-time algorithm, so you respond much faster when you get conversions.


Level up your Shopify analytics

Everything you need for your store's attribution