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The Attribuly customer behavior API seamlessly integrates the entire customer journey, from initial touch point to final purchase. This valuable and precise data allows you to create a personalized shop experience for merchants and effectively track the performance of your app.  Contact us to uncover even more use cases for our powerful API!

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Case of Thinla: influencer marketplace app

Get more revenue share with accurate tracking


Thinla is an influencer marketplace where merchants can search, contact, and run campaigns with influencers. 


The app spent a lot of resources to solve tracking issues. However, the current solution that attaches an id after landing URL can only track within the current session. If a consumer clicks an influencer's campaign and returns several days later to make a purchase, the app can't attribute the purchase to influencers. 

Besides, merchants need more metrics to evaluate influencer's performance such as new users, ATC etc,. 


Attribuly's built-in influencer tracking capabilities help Thinla capture its every contribution. The 365-day cookie and cross-channel tracking capability ensure long-term tracking.  Besides, Attribuly also supports custom domain and discount code tracking.  Thinla doesn't need to spend precise engineering resources to build the tracking.  In this way, Attribuly tracks more conversions with more metrics. This will help merchants evaluate best-performing influencers faster, and help Thinla and influencers get more commission. 



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