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Project Overview

FUNNYFUZZY is a pet lifestyle brand that provides a variety of products for you and your pet. We have not only the essentials but also a lot of fun products, to bring comfort and joy to your home & travel. Happiness is what we all seek, and it is what we have been creating and will continue in the future.

Starting 2 years back, FunnyFuzzy now has customers across the world. 




As FunnyFuzzy's business continues to expand, they are exploring numerous marketing channels, including Google Meta and various advertisement platforms. However, they have encountered difficulties in accurately identifying the sources of each order.

To address this challenge, FunnyFuzzy is in need of a comprehensive system that can track all touchpoints for every order. Additionally, they require a real-time attribution capability to allow their team to adjust bidding strategies accordingly.


IOS changed our attribution and audience targeting totoally.We are strugling with data discrepancies between Shopify and Facebook ads manger for a long time. 

COO of FunnyFuzzy

The Solution

Attribuly addressed FunnyFuzzy's need for an accurate attribution solution that can also handle so many traffic channels and huge size of data. 

The 2 teams worked together to connect all the touchpoints to Attribuly. With the cutting-edge pixel technique, FunnyFuzzy instantly gets accurate customer behaviors even the store-front changes every month. 



The multi-touch attribution is critical for us to allocate our marketing budget. Previously we relied on verious tools including GA, the Shopify admin. Now Attribuly becomes our major source for tracking and performance evaluation of our marketing team. It should be your must-have if you run multiple marketing channels and sites.

CEO of FunnyFuzzy

The Server-side tracking enhancement

The browser-side pixels nowadays lose a lot of conversion signals. So FunnyFuzzy has implemented server-side tracking from the beginning. Zuo has tested the native Meta CAPI gateway and other third-party vendors. He told me that:" The data quality score is still not great." 

As the data quality impacts how meta displays conversion value, and optimize bidding. FunnyFuzzy needs to maintain a good postback quality. 

The issue is, that stores are different. To follow Facebook's best practices. there is no one-size-fits-all setting. So Attribuly decides to manage all FunnyFuzzy's server-side tracking destinations. 

  • Weekly check the score from ad networks.
  • Find out FunnyFuzzy's data sources that can follow Meta's best practices. 
  • Keep testing.

Now FunnyFuzzy has seen a significant improvement in purchase and checkout event scoring "great". 


The Future

Now Attribuly is working with FunnyFuzzy's extensive network of stores across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and more. As FunnyFuzzy continuously explores new marketing channels, such as the Facebook shop, Attribuly remains dedicated to collaborating with these platforms to ensure a high attribution rate.

In addition, FunnyFuzzy relies on Attribuly to effectively track the success of their influencer marketing and affiliate marketing campaigns. With Attribuly's advanced analytics and tracking capabilities, FunnyFuzzy can confidently measure the impact and return on investment of these strategies.

By partnering with Attribuly, FunnyFuzzy gains valuable insights into their marketing efforts across multiple channels, enabling them to optimize their campaigns and drive even greater success. 

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  • Customer: FunnyFuzzy
  • Industry: Pet products
  • Features: Ads attribution