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This video is originally in Chinese and translated to English, by AI.

Project Overview

Hohem is a prominent technology brand primarily known for its advanced gimbal and image stabilization products.

Established in 2014, Hohem Tech is a global leader in gimbal technology and has been recognized as a Chinese national high-tech enterprise

Their commitment to innovation in the field of intelligent image stabilization systems has led to the development of products that significantly enhance video and photography experiences for consumers.


Yali, the team lead of paid ads, shared her experience of ads measurement.


Because of the IOS 14 impact, our Facebook ads measurement is not accurate and timely.

Yali Yang
Paid ads lead of Hohem

The Solution

Being with Attribuly for more than 18 months, Yali mentioned 3 major value Attribuly generates for the whole Hohem eCommerce team. 

1. Track and measure every ad's ROI. Now Hohem runs Meta, Google, Bing. All these ads are tracked by Attribuly first-party data. This ensures Yali's team quickly react their ads investment. 

2. Understsand customer journeys across channels. Hohem actively promote on ads, Inluencer and affiliates channels. She finds that consumers were engaged with more than 1 channels before purchase. So undertanding the customer buying process let her team get the direction of marketing. 

3. Evaluate the team's performance and motivation. She mentioned that the whole teammates now easily track own performance, with Attribuly's tranparent metrics. So all the team have more confidence since it show the result.  

Yali also highlighted that Attribuly is much better than GA4 in terms of marketing budget analysis. 

hohem m6 gimbal


Attribuly becomes one of most used tools for my whole team

Yali Yang

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Services we provided:

  • Customer:
  • Industry: Consumer Electroics
  • Features: Customer journey, attribution, Funnel stages.