Simplify Facebook Shop Orders with Attribuly for Shopify

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Discover how Attribuly for Shopify is revolutionizing the way Shopify merchants handle orders from their Facebook shop.

Why identifying orders from Facebook shop is challenging for Shopify merchants

One of the challenges that Shopify merchants face is identifying orders that come from their Facebook shop. With the increasing number of Shopify merchants using Facebook shop, it can be difficult to differentiate these orders from other sources. This lack of distinction makes it hard for merchants to track and manage their Facebook shop orders effectively. Due to the restrictions in Facebook shop, merchants face the challenge of not being able to install third-party pixels to track user behaviors on the platform.

Furthermore, without a clear system in place to attribute orders to the Facebook shop, merchants may struggle to accurately measure the success of their Facebook marketing efforts. This lack of visibility can hinder their ability to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies.

To address this issue, Attribuly for Shopify offers a solution that simplifies the process of identifying and tracking Facebook shop orders. By implementing this new feature, Shopify merchants can easily distinguish orders that originate from their Facebook shop, streamlining their order management workflow.

Introducing Attribuly for Shopify: The solution to simplify Facebook shop orders

Attribuly for Shopify is a game-changer for Shopify merchants who want to simplify their Facebook shop orders. This powerful tool provides a seamless integration between Shopify and Facebook shop, enabling merchants to attribute orders accurately.

With Attribuly, merchants can link every purchased customer and every order back to Facebook shop order. As the list below.

How does Attribuly for Shopify work?

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Step 1: Once your Facebook shop is approved and your Shopify store's products are synced to the Facebook product feed, you're ready to go.

Step 2: When you receive an order from your Facebook shop, you'll notice that the order's channel is marked as Facebook shop, at attribution-all page.

Step 3: Simply click on the conversion number, and a popup will appear with a detailed breakdown of the data.


Benefits of using Attribuly for Shopify

There are several benefits to using Attribuly for Shopify to simplify Facebook shop orders:

- Improved order management: By accurately attributing Facebook shop orders, merchants can effectively track, fulfill, and manage their orders within the Shopify platform.

- Enhanced performance measurement: With clear attribution, merchants can measure the success of their Facebook shop and marketing efforts, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies.

- Time and resource savings: Attribuly automates the process of identifying Facebook shop orders, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reducing administrative tasks.

- Seamless integration: Attribuly seamlessly integrates with both Shopify and Facebook, providing a smooth and reliable solution for managing Facebook shop orders.


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