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Data Attribution Plug-in Solves Independent Station Data Accuracy Issues

The topic of this issue is how to improve the accuracy and completeness of data. First mentioned is the importance of data attribution plugins, which can help us better analyze and interpret the reasons behind the data. Then they shared their experiences in overseas markets and how to solve problems using big data and technology. Finally, they introduced their company's products and services, such as more than 5000 merchants around the world, stable access to cross-channel user behavior, and enhanced personalized marketing.

Facebook Ad Data Analysis and Problem Fixing

This paragraph describes how to improve problems in advertising data analytics, such as cookie restrictions, A blocks, etc. First, the ability to analyze traffic can be improved by extending the validity period of cookies; second, the advertising effect of different platforms needs to be considered, especially from an omnichannel perspective, so as to avoid investing a large amount of budget into one platform and ignoring other channels. There are also technical details to be aware of, such as how ad pixels are captured and how they are served across multiple platforms.

Shopify Data Analytics and Optimization Strategies

This paragraph focuses on how to avoid large gaps between actual and expected sales in Facebook ads. Shopify's new feature,"customer events," was mentioned to better capture user behavior data under privacy compliance requirements. In addition, the concept of multi-point attribution model is introduced, which can effectively analyze the influencing factors on the transformation path and the reasonable allocation of omnichannel budget.

Analysis of Relationship between Omnichannel Budget and User Transformation

At the conference, we discussed how to leverage budget for retention advertising, improve CPA (Cost of Acquisition), and optimize omnichannel strategies to grow the business. At the same time, different attribution models are also mentioned, such as linear allocation, Position-base allocation, etc., to meet the needs of different scenarios. In addition, it also introduces the functions of the system, such as tracking the proportion of each traffic, obtaining real transaction data, viewing the complete life cycle transformation path of each user, etc.

Independent station launch operation and advertising effect evaluation

This paragraph mainly describes how to use big data to evaluate and optimize advertising effectiveness. First of all, through the interoperability with major advertising platforms, unique user identification capabilities are formed; second, real-time data analysis can help to understand advertising effects more quickly; third, camp data can provide more detailed data display; in addition, it provides analysis of traffic outside the website, as well as API access for different advertising platforms. At the same time, the importance of using multidimensional data to track user behavior paths is emphasized.

Omnichannel ad tracking and optimization strategy

This paragraph mainly introduces how to obtain and analyze advertising data from various angles, such as fees, the distinction between old and new customers, etc. At the same time, it mentioned that advertisers can view the overall effect of advertisements and the profit of each order in the background. In addition, the conversion path of advertisements and how to optimize them at different stages to improve their effectiveness are also discussed. Finally, if you find that some ads are not working well, you can directly close or adjust your strategy to save money.

The importance of Facebook ad tracking and data analytics

This section focuses on how Facebook's Pixel technology can be used to track ad effectiveness and how this information can be used in data analytics to optimize advertising strategies. First of all, you need to feed real data back to Facebook so it can help you optimize advertising. Second, consider introducing third-party APIs such as C API to achieve real-time tracking of data. In addition, automated management can be achieved through technologies such as machine learning, thus saving labor costs. In short, making full use of Facebook's technological advantages, combined with big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology, can effectively improve the effectiveness of advertising.

Ad optimization and tracking solutions

This paragraph describes how to optimize advertising for better results. First, goals can be achieved by pausing, turning on advertising, increasing or decreasing budgets, etc. At the same time, data analysis tools can be used to identify problems and make improvements. In addition, for diversified traffic sources, such as celebrities, alliance tracking, etc., it is also necessary to pay attention to the number of new users and conversion data brought by them in order to make better investment decisions. Finally, some problems in independent stations are discussed, such as tracking problems caused by celebrities, lack of conversion data in brand independent stations, etc.

Celebrity tracking and marketing data analytics

This paragraph mainly introduces the function and use method of red tracking tool. First of all, you can place the red link on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms to achieve complete tracking of their behavior; secondly, the red person can upload production materials in the system for convenient management and viewing; thirdly, the product supports a variety of advertising platforms, mail and affiliate marketing and other forms to help enterprises fully understand user behavior trajectories and carry out refined operations. In addition, this product is similar to Google Analytics (GA), but more focused on analyzing the effect of anonymous traffic into entities, with higher ease of use and professionalism.

Automation and Optimization of Advertising Delivery

In this conversation, we discuss how to use automated delivery to improve advertising effectiveness. First of all, through continuous attempts and optimization of advertising programs, accumulated a certain amount of experience and routines. These lessons are then replicated to other team members to automate ad management. In this process, many indicators will be involved, such as advertising amount, CPM, CPA, etc. For example, in order to make advertising more effective, adjustments can be made under certain conditions, such as whether to increase or decrease the budget according to changes in ROS (user Retention rate). In short, using automation technology can help teams better manage advertising and improve advertising effectiveness.

Advertising and affiliate marketing practice guide

This paragraph mainly introduces the following points: First, it mentions the automatic placement of Baibao Book and the placement of Little White Book; Second, it explains how to use affiliate marketing for advertising strategy optimization, and how to install pixels and other devices on independent websites; Finally, it discusses whether to support the integration of third-party systems, indicating that there are no contacts that cannot be integrated, but maintain good cooperation with many partners.

Detailed interaction between ad tracking and user behavior

This paragraph mainly describes how to use an application called Realtime to solve problems. First of all, it is easy to add various parameters and implement tracking functions through the app. Second, the app helps users deal with cross-site behavior, such as personalized recommendations for the same user on different sites. In addition, you can also view user behavior on various platforms, as well as their personal information. Overall, the app is designed to help users better understand and manage their network traffic.

Analysis and Optimization of Independent Station User Behavior Data

This paragraph mainly describes how to use third-party advertising tools to obtain user behavior data, and how to analyze data on independent sites. First of all, you can view the conversion of users through the advertising background; secondly, you can integrate important indicators into a dashboard, such as SPEND, LV, LTV, etc., so as to better understand the status of the business; in addition, you can also API the data to facilitate access and use of other platforms. In short, this tool can help enterprises fully understand user behavior data and improve operational efficiency.

SaaS Platform Application and Data Analysis

This paragraph discusses a SaaS product promotion and pricing strategy. This product is mainly used to help merchants improve operational efficiency, providing real-time data analysis, automated marketing and other functions. The product is also available in a free version for personal use, as well as different paid versions such as Pro, Pro+, etc. In addition, the product also has a certain degree of personalized customization needs. In order to ensure data accuracy and stability, the product uses API technology for data access.

Shopify product strengths and concerns

The collaboration with Shopify was mentioned in the discussion, and more than 5000 businesses have used the product, and they rate it highly. In response to user concerns, such as data migration, data security and analytics, the company said it could help address these issues. For example, for data migration, the company will help users complete this work within a certain period of time; for data security, the company strictly abides by relevant regulations and regulations to ensure the safety of user data. In addition, the company is also very good at data analysis, which can help users do better data analysis.

Selection and Application of Data Tools

This paragraph describes how to establish trust relationships in data analysis. First of all, we need to build trust in our users after a period of use, so that they believe that we will provide reliable data. Second, potential problems can be identified and addressed by comparing different data sources. Finally, for those unfamiliar competitors, we can also learn from their experience and practices in order to better adapt to market demand. In short, to establish a good trust relationship in the process of data analysis, in order to improve the accuracy and reliability of data.

Redskins and Alliances Tracking Problem and Its Solution

Topics discussed in this conversation included product promotion, teamwork, and marketing strategy. First of all, it mentioned how to mine the product and show it to the public so that they can better understand and use the product. Then, some technical issues related to Redskins and Alliances are discussed, as well as pain points and solutions behind these issues. Finally, regarding suggestions and feedback from team members, indicate that they will be taken seriously and improved in the follow-up work.


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