Attribuly VS TripleWhale

The #1 Triplewhale alternative for rising stars

Attribuly aims to cater to the rising stars of tomorrow, offering a product that perfectly aligns with your needs at a more affordable price, while providing an effortless and user-friendly experience.

Together, we aspire to evolve and thrive alongside you.

Feature comparison

Where Attribuly is better than TripleWhale

Fit for all sizes Attribuly PRO TripleWhale PRO
Price for 1.2MUSD yearly revenue $2988/15 months,  40% of TripleWhale $4990/12 months
First party pixel and touchpoints integrations
Shopify Web Pixel integration
Creatives attribution(Find your best performing creatives)
Contact create attribution(Lead gen attribution)
Short link generator
CAPI to Meta & Google( Optimize bidding by data postback)
Ads automation( save time and increase sales with automated adjustment)

It was super simple to set up and much easier than TripleWhale or Northbeam. Can't wait to use it. 

screenshot-20240206-105145Linda Singh
CEO of Marketing Launch Partners


Attribuly is everything you need to track, attribute and automate your eCom.


  • Get best-in-class customer behaviors across channels. 
  • Less impact by ad blockers, cookie issue.
  • Track stably even you change all the web pages
  • You don't need to manage any code, or leave any code in your store front.