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Project Overview

TexTale is a brand that focuses on problem-solving and aims to enhance traditional clothing with innovative tech fabrics and craftsmanship. They prioritize fabric, craftsmanship, and design in their products and strive to provide an exclusive wearing experience. TexTale owns a world-class factory with over 30 years of knitwear production experience, allowing them to create high-quality products. 




Alan, the visionary behind TexTale, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2022. Determined to unravel the intricacies of TexTale's customer buying process, he meticulously examines each customer's background and their unique buying journey. However, a pressing challenge arises as he grapples with the inability to connect Facebook ads manager's data to individual customers. Consequently, Alan is left in the dark regarding the conversion of a single customer through his marketing efforts, compounded by a multitude of misreporting incidents.


My sales today is $100, while Facebook reports 150. It's impossible to adjust my ads with this situation.

CEO of TexTale

The Solution

Alan effortlessly installed Attribuly without the need for any tracking snippets. Once he connects his Meta account, the real magic unfolds. He gains access to valuable insights such as each visitor's source account, Facebook ad name, and even the Google keyword they used.

On the attribution page, Alan is thrilled to discover that the total conversion value always aligns perfectly with Shopify data, all in real-time. This makes it incredibly convenient for him to identify his top-performing ads. With this newfound knowledge, he can swiftly experiment with different target audiences and creative approaches, enabling him to achieve stable ads with a consistently impressive return on investment.

Sample data

Sample data

Now all my marketing team use Attribuly daily, including ads, influencer and social team. To connect all my channels together, we know exactly how different touchpoints works together.


The Future

When it comes to bootstrapping a brand, the journey can be tough. However, Alan is determined to overcome the challenges by understanding his customers inside out. As he expands his reach to more product lines and countries, he embraces the power of Attribuly's conversion feed and API data. With these tools in hand, he's able to effectively target website visitors and guide them through the conversion funnel.

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Services we provided:

  • Customer: TexTale
  • Industry: Men's wear
  • Features: Ads attribution