Merchant Case: How a outdoor DTC improves influencer marketing

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Merchant Case: How a outdoor DTC improves influencer marketing

Merchant Case: How a outdoor DTC improves influencer marketing

Improve influencer marketing from months to weeks

"Previously I can only match the final purchase to our influencer partners. But with Attribuly now,  I have more insight on how many store visitors, product reviews, add-to-cart and checkouts. I can view each conversion with a detail customer journey which I can't have from GA. So it helps me improve our influencer content faster, and get more customers.  "

Member of the marketing team

1. The background

Brand A is a global leading outdoor electronic supplier, with millions of visitors on site every month. As a product price range from hundreds to thousands, Customers normally will not place orders immediately in the first touch. 
With great product design, A has thousands of influencers working together. Then evaluating influencers' performance becomes a major chanllenge for the marketing team. 
1. A need more metrics to instantly monitor influencer marketing with more metrics rather than purchase.
2. Due to long customer journey, A need understand how other marketing channels ( Google, Facebook, PR news) work together in customer conversion path. 

2. Adapt new tool

Attribuly provides a dedicated field to carry influencer's name in the URL link. So every link A sends to its influencers will mention the influencer's name and campaign. 
Now Evelyn monitors yesterday's conversions attribution report every morning, to find how influencers content brings clicks, and more behaviors. She talks to the team, talks to partners on how to improve the creatives, how to invite more similar influencers on board. 

3. The future

Now Evelyn finds out that they are becoming more efficient. The job gets improved from months to weeks. The latest data show that best-performing influencer generate more than 1% purchase conversion and more than 7,000 USD in a short time. 
She also plans to track other campaigns in the future, such as business review websites, and affiliate partners. So her team can track and attribute all the campaigns in one place. 
Q4 is gonna be busy and exciting!


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