Introducing Attribuly's conversion feed feature

Introducing Attribuly's conversion feed feature

The background

Server-side tracking is inevitable, as mentioned by Why my conversion data is inaccurate? , ad blockers & cookie issues leads to more and more tough situation for Shopify brands to collect customer events data.

On the other hand, smarter ads campaigns required high quality conversion data to feed their AI to automatic optimization. Such as Google performance max(Pmax) and Facebook advantage+. 

Server-side data sharing is one of best way to tackle this issue. So I believe more brands will definitely launch their server-side tracking tech in 2023.👉

What is Attribuly's conversion feed?

Based on Facebook's best practice, server side should also transfer the same events via CAPI interface, as what broswer pixel does. but most tech providers now transfer only purchase data, including Shopify facebook channel. 

We enhanced the CAPI capabilities with below improvements:

1. More data. We send more events including all the standard event for ecommerce including product view,add to cart, checkout start, checkout complete, search queries, payment info submission. Comparing with ohter venders, we will send 100 times more data. That will be better to follow Facebook's best practice.

2. Easy to use. What you need is just configure Facebook pixel ID, all the other server to server transimision will be managed by us. If you are running Facebook advantage+ ads, the high quality conversion data will be key to improve its performance.

How to activate the conversion feed and what's the cost?

 Currently conversion feed is available for all our paid plan🎉, and you may connect unlimited Facebook accounts. We will also manage your other platforms' client side & server side pixel in coming roadmap, to simplify all your pixels management. 

If you are interested, we are excited to welcome you onboard for seed customers. Leave your feedback at our feature request.


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