Attribuly tutorials: Configure custom goal


Hey Alex here from Attribuly. I will walk you through the set up process.


Setting up an attribution software could be complicated, but you will find set up Attribuly is super easy. When you authorize Shopify, you will find a progress bar here to indicate data syncing status. Attribuly is syncing your products, customers, and orders. Once finished,you will get an email notification.

The Attribuly pixel status is installed, you don't have to insert any javascript, or edit any code of your store front. By default you now track critical events such as page view, product view, collection view, add to cart, checkout start, checkout complete, payment submission. Magic,uh? For checkout tracking previouly is only available for Shopify plus plan, but now any plan can have these important customer behaviors with attribuly.

Now let's custom conversion goal. You may have your products for revenue, for profit, so you want to know which campaign works best for specific product. Previouly you need setup code for each button on every page, but with attribuly, what you need to do is several clicks.Let's say you just launch a great product and and you want to know how customers purchased your product and where are they from?


To answer this question, what we need to do is go to conversion goal, create a new goal. the name,the event type, select products you want to put into the goal. Attribuly will automatically set the total price of those products as conversion value.


You may see all the goal list, and their conversions at this page. The data is calculated after Attriibuly installation.


You may have 20 goals maximum, including defaut goals. You can also delete or modify your custom goals, just click into the goal detail, then you may edit the terms, or delete it.


So now you can get your attribtution insight of your goals. Go to attribution page,select your goal, Then you will find your best performing campaigns.

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